Message from the President

Chamber Member,

As a member of the Loudon County Chamber of Commerce since 1997, I understand the importance of a strong Chamber to lead and guide the business community.  It is an honor to have been chosen to lead the Loudon County Chamber, and while we have many challenges and opportunities awaiting us as we move ahead, these challenges and opportunities are what make this an exciting time to be a member.

Our Board of Directors Chairman, Bob Elliott, has created a primary objective for this year that he has not wavered from.  That objective is that we as an organization will not use our members to build our chamber, but we will use our chamber to build our members.  I wholly concur with that objective and pledge to you, our members, to strive to increase the value you receive in every facet of what we do as an organization.

In order to accomplish that, we need your ideas, comments, suggestions and feedback on what is working, what could work better and what you as a member would like your Chamber to assist you with.

The Chamber office door is always open for each and every member and we are just a text, phone call or email away; we want to hear from you.  This is your Chamber, use it to help your business become more successful as we move forward.


Rodney S. Grugin


Loudon County Chamber of Commerce