Message from the Chairman

As we begin a new year, the Loudon County Chamber of Commerce finds itself in a unique position. Not only are we facing a time of new beginnings, but we also want to continue to build from the recent momentum we’ve experienced. So, it is with honor and much awareness of responsibility, that I consider myself privileged to serve as Chairman of the Board for 2019.

In recent conversations, many of you have expressed the challenges that you see ahead, and the great opportunities that await. Which is why this makes it a great time to be a Loudon County Chamber Member.

I believe all Local Chambers have in their possession a great tool, but unfortunately not one that is always utilized as it should be. My hope is that our Chamber will put that to work. So, as I serve to the pleasure of the Board, I will do so with one primary objective and one that I will encourage our new President to share as well. WE WILL NOT USE OUR MEMBERS TO BUILD OUR CHAMBER, BUT WE WILL USE OUR CHAMBER TO BUILD OUR MEMBERS.

Imagine if we approach our programs of work and every event and meeting, we have this coming year with that objective, then without doubt our greatest days as members and as an organization are still ahead of us. 

Let me encourage each of you to use the tool we have available and allow it to propel us to great and extraordinary things in 2019!!


Bob Elliott
2019 Chariman of the Board of Directors
Loudon County Chamber of Commerce