Chamber Information

You have probably heard that question asked at one time or another and you may have wondered about it yourself. There are, in fact, a lot of misconceptions about the Chamber. For example, there are those who believe the Chamber prints nice brochures, visits businesses, answers inquiries, plans networking events and advertises what a great place Loudon County is to work, live and enjoy life.

They are right, up to a point. We do all those things, and proudly so. All are important. But they are the fringe benefits of the Chamber.

The key focus of the Loudon County Chamber of Commerce goes far deeper. We are a catalyst – a common vehicle, through which businesses and professional people work together for a healthy economic climate and the common good of our community. A better community means better business conditions. It is from the profitable operations of business that many other benefits are derived. Our businesses help finance the civic, educational, cultural and charitable needs that our community is faced with every day.

Who is the “we” that does all this? It’s the membership. The Chamber’s strength lies in the number and diversity of our membership. Because our Chamber collectively represents the experience of the many businesses and professionals in our membership, we gain the knowledge and insight to identify issues of importance to the business community, and the combined means to develop and implement strategies to address them. Our Chamber members are the most responsible, innovative, and conscientious business and professional people in the community. The Chamber accomplishes collectively what no one business or professional can do alone.

There is power in the membership of the Loudon County Chamber of Commerce. When you add in the publicity, referrals, business leads, contacts, marketing services, business development seminars, community information, etc., it certainly makes your membership decision worth the investment.